Wanderlust: Off the page

Wandering Through Bavaria's Most Whimsical Castles with Andrew Eames

November 10, 2022 Wanderlust Magazine Season 3 Episode 2
Wanderlust: Off the page
Wandering Through Bavaria's Most Whimsical Castles with Andrew Eames
Show Notes

"I was instantly curious...what was a king doing in the mountains behaving like that?"

Discover a story that's almost too fanciful to be real with the true tale of Bavaria's most eccentric monarch, King Ludwig II. When writer Andrew Eames first stepped inside King Ludwig's mountain home in southern Germany, he was blown away by what he saw. There, standing in the most unexpected royal hall he'd ever seen, he decided to visit each of King Ludwig's iconic residences to learn more about the life and legacy of this odd ruler - and each home was more curious than the last.

In the episode, Andrew will drop us into the unexpected, dazzling interior of a mountainside mansion; walk us through the manmade caves and whimsical secret passageways of Linderhof Castle; and share the story of a king whose life was both delightful and tragic.

Read Andrew's article, "In the Footsteps of the Fairytale King," in this month's issue of Wanderlust, and find his website at andreweames.com. You can also find his website all about German travel destinations at germanyiswunderbar.com.

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