Wanderlust: Off the page

Ivory Lace to Emerald Lakes: The Highlights of Colorful Croatia

April 27, 2023 Wanderlust Magazine Season 4 Episode 7
Wanderlust: Off the page
Ivory Lace to Emerald Lakes: The Highlights of Colorful Croatia
Show Notes

"Begin your day with a sunrise on a mountaintop...and end it with your feet in the sea and a glass of wine in your hand."

Croatia, the jewel of the upper Adriatic, is a painter's palette of a country - a colorful land imbued with a heritage as vibrant as its nature. Here, olive groves and vineyards perch atop seaside cliffs; ancient cities with red tiled roofs glint in the Mediterranean sun; and folk dancers swing in  circle dances over sheep-dotted pastures.

In Croatia there is truly something for everyone, from the cafe-lined terraced streets of Zagreb to the white sand beaches of its many islands. And to explore this dynamic country, host Aaron Millar is speaking with several different travel writers and longtime Croatia residents.

Listen as Mary Novakovich shares her insider's perspective on the best places for an authentic meal or an impromptu concert; Jane Foster gives tailored recommendations on the most delicious Croatian wines - and the best island getaways with which to pair them; and finally, Rudolf Abraham reveals the best ways to get off the beaten track and explore the untouched corners of Croatia's nature, from forested hikes to abundant waterfalls.


Find Mary Novakovich's writing on her website, marynovakovich.contently.com, or follow her on Instagram @marynovakovich.

Find Jane Foster's writing on her website, jane-foster.com.

Find Rudolf Abraham's writing and photography on his website, rudolfabraham.co.uk.

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